Transitions in glass: An exploration of architectural elements

This collection embraces the opposition between glass and steel. The combination invites distinct emotional expressions.
As in modern architecture, partnerships between form and materials elicit strong visual messages that seduce the viewer.
The solidarity of sleek steel starkly contrasts with the clarity of the multi-layered glass. The union conveys a perceived strength and fragility.

30"L x 29H x 9"
including Base SOLD

Glass 16.5L x 11H
Base 20L x 7" W

29L x 14H x 9"D

34.5L x 6.25W x .5D
Base 7"x &' X 7.5" SOLD

15L x 22H x .9D

Zen Bowl
16.75W x 5"D

Gallery I - Transitions in Glass: Architectural Elements
Gallery II - Modern Landscapes: Study in curves
Gallery lll - Aquamarine Abstractions: Waterfall Glass
Gallery IV - Singular Statements
Gallery V - Generations
Design Infusions – Interior Elements
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