Generations – preserving your family heritage in glass

Your family images captured permanently in a work of art to pass on to future generations. Each piece is a custom commission.
Family letters, wedding invitations or other flat materials can be worked into the design. I scan your originals and create a sketch
or design to present with a color pallet. Images can be color or black and white and there is no limit to the possibilities.
The glass is fired several times encapsulating the new images and composition permanently into the glass.

The first piece 'Babybaby' is a self portrait created in seven layers of fused glass and overlapping images. I am teaching this technique in a workshop soon. A great way to create a family heirloom in glass.
The two 'generations' pieces contain images of my great grandparents with their children, my great aunt, my grandmother and her son as a boy and at his wedding during WWll.

Babybaby - Self portrait and family 22"L x 12H x .5 "


Generations l - The Sloans and Parsons Family 36"L x 8H x .5 "

Generations ll - The Sloans and Parsons Family 28"L x 8H x .5 "

Gallery I - Transitions in Glass: Architectural Elements
Gallery II - Modern Landscapes: Study in Curves
Gallery lll - Aquamarine Abstractions: Waterfall Glass
Gallery IV - Singular Statements
Gallery V - Generations
Gallery VI - Suspension Series: Floating Curves
Gallery VII - Larger Scale Panels
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