Singular Statements :

In exploring new techniques and shapes I frequently create single statements that are not part of a larger collection.

Firenze l & ll
23L x 5 W x .5 " D each
Two panels with surface treatments
of spattered color creating an
organic effect.

Go Ask Alice
Triptyck in Dichroic Green with lyrics on each panel from Jefferson Airplane Song, "White Rabbit".

Chartruse Wedge
18" x 10" x 2.5"
Box cast wedge with frit tinting
creates a translucent finish
with millions of tiny bubbles,

18" L x 12" W x .375
Metalic Dark Steel with red translucent and silver dichroic patterned center panel.

17L x 10.25 H x .875 "D
14L x 9.5 H x .875 "D
14.25L x 7 H x .875 "D
Three separate pieces that can be
configured together or stand alone. (sold)

13.5"L x 7H x .5" plus 11.5"L x 7H x .5 "
Two separate curves with textured layers that form one sleek piece.


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